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All you need to do is ask a parent or caregiver first and then:

1. Take a photo of you with your rock

2. Take a photo of the back of your rock

    (where you found this website address)

3. Fill in the form below and attached your photos



         ...Once you've done this, the Upstart team will

         arrange to send you a special prize for finding

         our missing rock




First Name: *  
Last Name: *  
Age: *  
Email Address: *  
Rock number (found on the back): *  
Street Address: *  
City: *  
Post Code: 
Where did you find your rock? *  
Photo of the front of the rock: 
Photo of the back of the rock: 
 I allow Upstart Media Ltd to use my photos either in Upstart Magazine or posted on the various Upstart Media social networks

   * Required Data

Note: Recipients must be aged 13 and under to qualify for a prize. Prizes are chosen at random (based on specified gender and age). The Upstart Rock may need to be posted/couriered to Upstart Media to authenticate (if photos are deemed inadequate proof). If the rock number has been previously used by another rock hunter, no prize will be issued.

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