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When 10-year-old ISAAC  SCOTT  heard about whaling in  the Southern Ocean, he decided to do something about it. He was too young to join conservationists on the Sea Shepherd, so started a petition instead.

Isaac has now collected more than 4,000 signatures of people who support his  call to stop whaling in the Southern Ocean.

He talked to Upstart's TESSA JOHNSTONE about what got him started on his  mission, and his  visit to the Sea Shepherd crew in Sydney.

What gave you the idea to start the petition?

I wanted to do something positive to help the whales. I was too young to work on-board the Sea Shepherd, so I asked what else I could do to help stop whaling. Then I decided  to start a petition.

The world's got lots of problems – why whales?

I am extremely passionate about whales. They are such big and beautiful creatures – how could anyone kill them?

How did you get more than 4,000 signatures on the petition?

By asking to stand in supermarket doorways, and standing in the harbour area of Wellington asking people to sign, and knocking on people's doors.

I want to get more than 5,000 signatures – if I get more it will be great. 

What will you do with the petition when you have all the signatures?

I am going to take it to Parliament, with the help of my local MP Chris Hipkins.  I will get to debate with some MPs about what New Zealand should do to protect our whales.

What will you do with the petition when you have all the signatures?

I am going to take it to parliament, with help of my local MP Chris Hipkins. I will get to debate with some MPs about what New Zealand should do to protect our whales.

You have been meeting lots of politicians, journalists and famous activists. Tell us about the people you met.

But my favorite person in the whole world is Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd skipper) – what he does and his passion for all marine life. 

He was very interested to hear what I was doing. He gave me a signed t-shirt and told me about these special dog tags he had made for himself. They were very special, hand-made, and one-of-a-kind. He then said that he thought I should have them and placed them around my neck.

It was the best day of my life.

Anything else you want to say?

I think marine conservation is extremely important. Because of ignorance and human greed, illegal fishing, and not using the correct fishing methods, marine animals get trapped, killed by mistake, or tangled in nets resulting in death. 

It's left to my generation to make sure we have marine life for other generations. As Paul Watson says, If the ocean dies, we all die.

I have a few famous people on my facebook page, 'Help stop whaling in the Southern Ocean', although I haven't met all of them. I have met Chris Hipkins, my local MP, Shane Cowlishaw from The Dominion Post, Terri Irwin (Steve Irwin's wife) and her son Robert at Australia Zoo, and a whole heap of people from the Sea Shepherd crew like Benjamin Potts and Andrea Gordan.



Isaac's top 5 tips for making a difference

  1. Don't think just because you're a child you can't make a difference.

  2. Ask for help whenever you can, as it can be quite difficult sometimes.

  3. Have the courage to keep going - you will get there in the end.

  4. Actions speak loader than words.

  5. Don't just sit around and talk about it, do it.




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