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My Achievement 

Aimee Harris  

Flag bearer

I held the flag up to my hip and rested it there. 

My hands were sticky and sweaty. I gripped the flagpole. The sharp metal dug into my hip, and I had to keep moving it to stay semi comfortable. 

Amy gave the signal, and I let the flag drop to the ground. The flag caught the wind and fl apped around a bit. 

The crowd rumbled with joy; the game was about to start! 

The Indian team ran on and the crowd went wild! 

I grabbed at the flag quickly and wrapped it up in my hand and quickly ran off the field.

This was my brother's cricket team and my friend Courtney and I were holding the flags!

It was such a great experience and very nerve racking! I loved it!

AIMEE HARRIS, 12, Ngatea Primary School, Thames

Tre Rawiri  

I love kapa haka!

Hi Upstart, My brother and I got to perform on a national stage in front of thousands of people to represent our school kapa haka team. We placed 13th best in Aotearoa! I am very proud of my kapa haka team.

We trained every week and every second weekend throughout most of the year.

Kapa haka is a great sport or hobby. To me, it is a sport because it took a lot of commitment and practice to get into the final.

This is one of the greatest achievements in my life.

TRE RAWIRI KIRKWOOD, 7, Nawton Primary School, Hamilton


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