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Meet the Buddies
  May Ling

May Ling Nguyen

School: Epsom Girls Grammar, Auckland

Kidsline volunteer for: One year

Stuff I love: Laughing, making people laugh, Nando's chicken, parks, friends, soccer.

Stuff I don't love: Nastiness, too-hot days, long fingernails.


Why did you join Kidsline?

I've always liked helping people out. Also, my friends were doing it too. Kidsline a richly rewarding and enjoyable place with awesome people who I've got to know.

What's the best thing about volunteering for Kidsline?
Knowing that I've managed to give help and support to kids out there, and potentially helped change
their lives. I'm really glad I joined Kidsline. It's not only been great to help out and make a difference
to kids all around New Zealand, but it has helped me to understand myself a lot better too.


What's the hardest thing about it?
Some of the calls can be emotionally challenging and draining, even though we have been well-trained
to deal with
all sorts of calls.


Why do kids call Kidsline?
Kids call whenever they just feel they have a problem – big or small – and they want to talk about it and
share with
someone other than friends or family. They also call for support and just to have someone to
talk to.


What kind of problems do they talk about?
Any kind of problem kids might face, from bullying to serious issues like abuse.

How do you help them?
We offer them support and simply give them a chance to talk about their feelings and an opportunity to
let everything
out that's troubling them. Nearing the end of the call we help them find empowerment
and a sort of outlet to help
them deal with their problems.

Why do you think it's important to talk about your problems?
Because feelings and problems do bottle up inside you and these suppressed feelings could be let out in harmful ways. Talking about problems gives relief in knowing you aren't alone, or understanding these feelings are normal, or even  just giving
some comfort and support in times of trouble.


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