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What's Kidsline?

Kidsline is a peer telephone service devoted to helping out school kids with their problems. Anyone aged 18 and under can call Kidsline – 0800 KIDSLINE, or 0800 54 37 54.

When can i call and does it cost?

The service is now open 24/7, with the Kidsline Buddies answering calls between 4 and 9pm (outside Buddy hours the line is answered by adult counselling volunteers so that no call is missed). It's free to call, and you can call from a landline or a mobile phone. The only place you can't call free from is a payphone.

What kind of stuff would I talk about?

You can call any time you want to talk through a problem or something that's making you feel sad or stressed. It might be about someone who is picking on you at school, some problems with your parents, a fight with a friend, feeling stressed out about school work – anything that is worrying you. 

Meet the Buddies 
May Ling Nguyen   Pranavi   Hamish
May Ling Nguyen



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