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My Rant and Rave

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By EVA RUBY VAN SEVENTER, 10, Hastings Christian School, Hastings


I think it is handy that libraries do not charge money to borrow books. It's good because books help people to read and write and that means they can get a good job when they are old enough. 

Libraries do charge money if you don't bring books back for ages though. But that's fair because you may have lost or stolen them, so they have a right to do it. 

So because all the libraries are so supportive and all that, I think we should all fundraise for our local libraries to make them bigger and better. For example, we could all make stuff to sell to our neighbours or sell stuff at a garage sale. 

Things like:

  • home made cookies

  • toys we don't play with any more

  • drinks, like lemonade

  • other junk that you may no longer use

Or we could make an ad for TV asking people to donate money to their libraries. The message would encourage people to support the libraries in return for what the libraries do for us. If we get a lot of money we could then give it to the local councils that look after the libraries and then they could use the money to build bigger and better libraries, or buy more books for people to borrow.

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