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Five of last year's 20 winning films in the Someday Challenge have been made by primary-intermediate age film-makers.

The winning young film-makers come from Auckland, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Rangiora.

The Someday Challenge asks young people aged up to 24 to make short sustainability-related films of any genre, filmed with any camera and any length up to 5 minutes.


The winning film-makers were honoured at The Body Shop Someday Awards red-carpet ceremony at the Aotea Centre in Auckland on 7 December 2017.

The ceremony was also livestreamed; enabling families, friends, schools and communities of the winning film-makers to watch it all unfold from wherever they were.

As well as receiving their prizes at the ceremony, the winning film-makers found out which special award they had each won.

The awards ceremony was concluded with a video message from Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister who congratulated the film-makers for their achievements.

The PM acknowledged the theme of sustainability as she addressed the winning film-makers by saying, “the messages that you are sending are so incredibly important.”


Watch the ceremony here and the five films by primary-intermediate age film-makers below.


 The 5 winning films by primary/intermediate age film-makers


The Schoolyard Bullies

Upstart Magazine Primary/Intermediate School Performance Award

Made by Jordan Shanks (11) and Blake Cousens (11) from Somerfield School in Christchurch

 Drama tackling a student's rise above bullying through friendship.


 small CHANGES

Department of Conservation Big Picture Award

Made by a team aged 9-11 from Waitākiri Primary School in Christchurch

Docudrama showing how even the smallest changes go towards creating the vibrant future we all want to see.




Plastic Straw Free Rangiora

Enviroschools Sustainable Future Award

Made by a team aged from 10-12 from North Loburn School in Canterbury.

Documentary about saying no to plastic straws.


 Environmental Defenders

What Now Primary/Intermediate School Film-makers Award

Made by a team from Pomaria Road School (9-11) in Auckland.

A superhero adventure story with a strong message for dastardly litterers everywhere.


Clever Trevor

Rockstock Sustainable Lifestyle Award

Made by Sam Ridsdale (12) from Palmerston North

Animated documentary telling the story of Trevor's clever decision to explore owning an electric vehicle.





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