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THE OUTLOOK FOR SOMEDAY is Aotearoa New Zealand's sustainability film project for young people. It's been going since 2007. The objective is to help grow a generation of sustainability storytellers.

For the annual SOMEDAY CHALLENGE entrants choose any genre they like, film with any camera they like, and interpret ‘sustainability' in the way that makes best sense to them.

The Entry Deadline in 2016 is 9 September.

The prize package for each of the 20 winning films includes a commitment that it will be entered into at least one international film festival the following year. Each of the winning films also receives a special award at the red-carpet SOMEDAY AWARDS ceremony in Auckland.

One of the films is honoured as the Standout Winner and there is an online popular vote for the Audience Favourite.

Alongside the film challenge there is a national series of free SOMEDAY WORKSHOPS.

The workshops are open to young people from school years 7 to 13 (aged 11 to 18) as well as teachers and youth workers.

All participants make short films and screen them at the end of the workshop. Each participant also comes away with a story idea in development – one that is meaningful to them and which they could then turn into a film as an entry to the SOMEDAY CHALLENGE.


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Made by The Birdwood Way Team




Made by Eva Hakaraia

Birdwood students demonstrate the values at the heart of
their school.


 A story of community conservation in action to restore the
health of Lake Waiorongomai.



Animated Documentary

Made by Pt England School



Music Video

Made by The Plastic Reducers

A colourful depiction of our natural world and the importance of protecting species from extinction.   A rapper's guide on taking steps to reduce, reuse and recycle.


Music Video

Made by Manaakitanga Studio




Made by Oriwa Hakaraia and Kaea Hakaraia Hoskings

 The rhyme and reason of good nutrition for healthy living.


 A story of the strings that sustain a family tradition.



Silent Movie

Made by Ash Bol


A plea for the voiceless victim of bullying, and a challenge for the
complicit bystander.


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