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Mrs Koya is not only an awesome librarian with a warm heart, she is also a classroom teacher! Our library has lots of different areas such as the reference section, sophisticated picture books, fiction, picture books, non-fiction, and we also have lots of big teddy bears to snuggle up with.

Mrs Koya puts creative posters on the walls. Once some kids went down to the beach and brought back some seaweed and shells to stick onto one of them!

In Year 5 you get the option of becoming a librarian, and you are given shifts. If you have a morning shift, you take boxes around the classes and collect up the library books. At lunchtime, the books then have to be scanned out.

In Year 6, Mrs Koya chooses someone to be the ‘Student Leader Librarian'; this means you represent Torbay School's library.

In our library we also have a magazine rack and there are Upstart magazines on it! I love reading Upstart!

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