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Mrs Mahoney is fantastic at reading. She is fun and every year she helps us create stuff. In 2016 we made people and for 2017 we made hands – HENRY

Mrs Mahoney is spectacular, brilliant and excellent at reading books. That's why she is my school star librarian. She looks as beautiful as a fairy. Mrs Mahoney has black eyes and black hair and likes lots of interesting things. She is my favourite! – ELIZA

Mrs Mahoney is amazing. I like her reading to us. She is very nice and gentle and we like her a lot. She is as cool as an acrobat – FERGUS

Mrs Mahoney is as cool as a scientist. She is a super librarian and makes me laugh. She reads really well and comes up with fun activities – JIMI

Mrs Mahoney is an awesome librarian. I like her books because they are funny – HARRISON

Mrs Mahoney is smart, kind and always smiles! She is happy at all times. She has lots of books in the library. She is nice because she reads us cool books – NICKY

It is exciting when Mrs Mahoney reads books to us because she has brilliant expression – DANIEL

Mrs Mahoney is very kind and she likes art. We go to the library on Thursdays. When she reads to us it is so much fun. After a funny story she gives us extra time to go get books out – SABELLA


Mrs Mahoney has dark black hair. She has a happy face. She wears clothes as bright and colourful as a rainbow. She lets us take books out for one week. We get to play word games and she shows us where to find books, games and activities. We can play with shapes and make funny shapes. Mrs Mahoney reads to the class sometimes – JOSIE

Mrs Mahoney looks amazing with her hairstyle. She looks nice. She is as intelligent as an enormous orangutan. She reads a lot – JACOB

Mrs Mahoney is amazing! She is an awesome librarian because she always reads us lovely, funny, fantastic stories. She also buys awesome, super-fantastic funny books. Mrs Mahoney is patient and always helps us – KATELYN

Mrs Mahoney is nice. She is cool and also funny. She likes reading books and is intelligent – ZAC

Mrs Mahoney has bushy black hair. She is the best reader – and writer too! She is as awesome as the best pet dog. She's kind, nice and as smart as an elephant. She is awesome at everything! – THOMAS

Mrs Mahoney is as colourful as a rainbow. She is kind, awesome and wonderful. She is as creative as an artist. She reads us stories and happily scans our books for us – DAISY


Mrs Mahoney has epic black hair. She likes any cool books and buys good shark books – BEN

Mrs Mahoney likes art. She also reads stories to us. She is cool, fantastic and definitely awesome. She is as excellent as an elephant. She always wears colourful, shiny or sparkly shoes! – LUKE

Mrs Mahoney is a cool, awesome funny librarian. She rocks. She loves books. She has nice and cool funny books, nice puzzle books, dinosaur books, fiction books and chapter books. Her books are all fantastic. She is good at doing hard librarian things – PETER

Creative Mrs Mahoney has cool black hair and has dark green eyes. I love all of her phenomenal made-up stories. She's funny and the stories she makes up are hilarious. She says, “Where's your spectacular book Erin?” She's the coolest and best library teacher I know – ERIN

Mrs Mahoney is a superhero. She is as strong as an elephant. As smart as an orangutan. As awesome as a tiger. She is the best and coolest! – ETHAN


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