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Hosts Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy presented all our favourite
Disney characters in this sensational skating spectacular and we sent an Upstart Kid
Reporter along to check it out!

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The Upstart Kid Reporter's top moments: 

  • The cannon that shot fireworks.

  • Buzz Lightyear's flip.

  • The giant, robot turtle from Finding Dory.

  • When it started snowing.

  • When the genie magically multiplied.

  • Seeing all the Disney characters come out on stage at once.


Upstart Kid Reporter: Josh Simons, 9.

My name is Josh. I'm 9 and I'm an Upstart Kid Reporter. I went to see Disney On Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic with my Dad, Mum and little sister Gemma (she's 5).

These were the bits of the show that I remember most...

I laughed the most when the genie (from Aladdin) went towards the wall at the back of the stage and about 20 other genies came out of the wall and started dancing.

My favourite character was the army men from Toy Story. I like the song about Buzz that they sang with all the toy soldiers.

My favourite story was Toy Story. I really liked the army men and when Buzz Lightyear came out of his box.

I think the best skater was Buzz because he did a flip in a really heavy suit.

The most evil person was the bad guy from Mulan (Shan Yu). He had an army and was trying to kill the good soldiers. I liked how in the Mulan story the cannon really fired and fireworks came out!

Meeting Mickey Mouse

Josh watching the show. 

Josh's sister Gemma with her Rapunzel doll.


My favourite part of the show was during Finding Dory, when the giant turtle came out. I thought the turtle was really cool how everyone could ride it and it moved around the stage. I thought it was a robot.

I thought the wind-up dolls in the Pinocchio part of the show were really cool too.

I think that everyone who likes dancing (and ice) should go and see Disney On Ice!

I would love to and see Disney on Ice again because the stories were great. The ice skaters were really talented. I thought it was an amazing show!


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