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Disney on Ice Magical Ice Festival

Hosts Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy presented all our
favourite Disney characters in this winter wonderland spectacular and we sent two
Upstart reporters along to check it out!

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Alex and Josh's top moments

  • Meeting Mickey Mouse
  • The fireworks
  • Donald Duck and the birds shaking their bums
  • Every time Olaf's head came off
  • Rapunzel hitting Flynn on the head with a frying pan




Josh Simons, 7, Upstart Kid Reporter


What made you laugh the most?
When the birds shook their bottoms, while Olaf was singing about summer. And when the silly sisters did the ugly dance.

Who was your favourite Character and Why? 
Mickey Mouse because he said “hello” to us at the start and he skated really “cooley”. I loved his costume and I liked the sparkly outfit and his hard mask. He gave me a hug!

Who was the baddest Guy?
The ugly octopus lady (Ursula) from The Little Mermaid, because she stole the little mermaid's voice. And the eels that tried to attack Ariel with their snapping mouths.

What was your favourite part? 
I really like the guys with the frisbees at the start, before the show.  And I also loved the fireworks that went off in the air, even though they gave me a fright as well. I liked the seaweed that came down from the ceiling in The Little Mermaid.  The fire lanterns in Rapunzel were awesome too. I also loved it when Kristoff pulled off Olaf's head, and there was no person's head underneath. It was quite weird. I also loved when Olaf's eyes came off.

Who was your favourite male character? 
I loved Sven the reindeer and Maximus the horse.  I loved how there were 2 people in each one and I thought it was amazing they were skating at the same speed together. 

Who was your favourite female character? 
I like the Frozen princesses (Elsa and Anna) because they were both really funny and they pulled Olaf's head off. I liked how Elsa froze the water, made the castle and made it snow. The snow was really awesome!

Meeting Mickey Mouse

Josh and his sister Gemma meeting Mickey Mouse before the show.

What was your favourite story?
Rapunzel because Rapunzel donked the guy on the head with a frying pan and the lanterns were cool because they were really colourful and they lit them and they went up in to the sky.

Was there any bit that gave you a fright?
The fireworks, because when I was sitting there (like in Beauty and the Beast) and the magic fireworks went “POP!” and it gave me such a fright I almost jumped out of my skin, but it was awesome because it still made me laugh!


Who should go see it and why? 
I think any sized person should go see it, and there is popcorn, lollies and heaps of treats. I got lollies and a Olaf cup with ice in it and I also got chippies. My little sister got a bag of chips and lollies and a soft toy called Flounder (from The Little Mermaid).

Who was the best skater? 
Ariel, because she flew in the air on a rope and she had a fish tail. And because people lifted her up into the air. It was awesome.

Would you go again?
I would love to go again to Disney on Ice.

My sister's favourite bit was: 
Seeing Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Frozen. She loves Frozen.

I gave it 5 stars out of 5 because it was amazing!!




Alex Ketel, 6, Upstart Kid Reporter

I was so excited to go to Disney on Ice. We arrived and met Mickey Mouse.
I got to give him a big hug and hi-five. It was awesome!

We waited for the show to start. When the ice skaters came out with flying spinners, I was impressed how they could throw it and skate and catch it again. All the skaters came out and danced together. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald Duck introduced everyone and we got to watch them all dance and sing.

The lights were incredible. I looked up at the spotlights at the top of the building, shining down on the skaters, it was amazing to see the shadows while they danced. 

It was really funny when Donald Duck shook his bum at everyone. The crab (from The Little Mermaid) was cool when he slid on his shell and snapped his claws at everyone.

My favourite part of Disney on Ice was Rapunzel because she chased the baddie and smacked him on the head with a frying pan. I loved it when the lanterns were lit for her on her birthday.


My next favourite bit was Frozen, because there was showers of pretend snow & lightning. Olaf was funny because he fell down when he got very hot. The dancers have very strong legs. 

My mum's favourite bits were Beauty & The Beast and The Little Mermaid. Belle and Ariel were very beautiful and their skating was amazing to watch. The men who picked up Ariel, to help her swim, must have been very strong to be able to lift her.

Thanks for reading my review, I hope you get to see Disney on Ice too, I'm sure you will love it just as much as we did.

Thank you Upstart.

Alex meeting Mickey Mouse before the show.    Alex and Josh with their Olaf ice cups

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