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Meet Naiki, Upstart's editorial assistant

and book reviewer!

Naiki will be bringing Upstart readers regular book previews and giveaways! These will appear in both the mag (print) and here on our website.

Naiki is 15 and attends school in Wellington. She loves spending time with her dogs Hiku and Tawhi, and she's a pretty ace volleyballer!!



Check out her book giveaways in the latest mag!  


Hey Upstarters! So, in the new Upstart Dec 16/Jan 17 mag, I've previewed two new book titles, The Unforgettable What's His Name by Paul Jennings and The Diamond Horse by Stacy Gregg. Keep an eye out!

And right now, I've just finished the new HarperCollins published book, The Midnight Gang by one of our favourite authors David Walliams…

The Midnight Gang   

Title: The Midnight Gang

Author: David Walliams

Imagine being a part of a secret gang who's adventures start at midnight and the gang's members thrive on having fun!

It all starts with a hospitalised boy, Tom Charper wondering why kids stuck inside Lord Funt Hospital can't have as much fun as the kids outside.

Tom is rushed to the ancient Lord Funt Hospital after getting hit on the head with a cricket ball.

When he wakes in the hospital, the first person he sees is a horrifying porter, and then an impolite matron who despises kids.

It's only when he meets some other young patients – Amber, George and Robin, and their secret clique of friends called The Midnight Gang that things start to get interesting!

The Midnight Gang makes dreams come true – and those dreams begin at midnight!

All kids will want to read this fun-filled story of adventure and magic. It is a touching book that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster of fun and games.

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