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What is XRace?


XRACE is a physical challenge – but not a running race.

It's a fantastic MYSTERY ADVENTURE. A challenging race against the clock and against other family teams.

Teams of two must locate and complete 10 mystery challenges, beat the clock and all the other teams – with the fastest and luckiest family team crowned XRACE champions.

XRACE has mental challenges and challenges of agility – but it isn't hard. Any family can complete it. It's also about sportsmanship and competition.

Imagine running a three-legged race up a creek with Mum. Can you handle scrambling over New Zealand's longest inflatable obstacle course with Dad or Uncle? What about Mum or Dad having to complete the hula hoop or blind fold challenge and avoid having to go to bouncy castle jail?

An XRACE team must be a child aged 7 to 13 racing side-by-side with Dad or Mum (or even Uncle or Aunty or Poppa).

Each regional event will also hold NIPPERS, a mini XRACE for smaller kids aged 6 and under.


XRACE - it's about FAMILIES having FUN and SPENDING TIME together!

  1. OK, first things first. You need to make up a PARENT/ GUARDIAN AND CHILD team. 


Children must be aged between 7 and 13 as at race day. Kids under 7 can have a crack at Nippers. 
  3. If Mum or Dad is unable to form a team, they are welcome to deputise an uncle, aunty, grandparent or trusted family
friend to act as guardian to the child in the team.
  4. The guardian must be at least 18 years of age. 


  5. Teams must be one child and one parent or guardian; teams cannot be made up of two children or one adult and two children.
  6. XRACE is a mystery adventure so we don't reveal the challenges each team will encounter until AFTER the start gun goes. The only clue we will be giving away is “read your challenge sheet – read every word.”

7. Teams must locate and complete 10 separate challenges.
  8. Challenges can range from physical (like the sack race) to technical (like stilt-walking) and mental (like the music challenge).


The distances you cover in total will be around 3 to 4 kilometres. Teams can run or walk.

The first team to locate all 10 challenges, complete every one correctly and avoid being thrown into bouncy castle jail will become their city or town's XRACE champions.

Yes it's a race, but anyone can win!

Each XRACE is carefully crafted to make sure that ANY team of ANY combination has the opportunity to win.

BUT it takes a lot more than just being the fastest and the fittest to win – a sprinkling of luck and a good strategy go a long way.

That's what makes XRACE so much fun – every team can be in it to win it.


What ages can enter?

2015 Events

  • WHANGEREI 7 February
  • OREWA 8 February
  • HAWERA 14 February
  • PALMERSTON NORTH 15 February
  • ROTORUA 21 February
  • GISBORNE 26 February
  • NAPIER 27 February
  • HAMILTON 1 March
  • NELSON 6 March
  • QUEENSTOWN 13 March
  • DUNEDIN 15 March
  • HUTT CITY 21 March
  • WELLINGTON 22 March
  • AUCKLAND 28 March
  • CAMBRIDGE 29 March
  • GRAND FINAL 4-5 April

XRACE nationwide, February to April 2014   www.xrace.co.nz

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