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 Welcome to Ruggerland!

Rugby Skill No 1


Objective: To run effectively with the ball in two hands

Key factors:

  • Spread your fingers on each side of the ball.

  • Carry the ball at about chest height.

  • Keep your elbows pointed inwards (not flapping out to the side like a duck)

  • Consider your options...THINK! THINK! THINK


Holding the ball in two hands with your fingers down the seam.  Use to:

  • Evade players

  • Draw a defender

  • Go through a gap


Common errors:

Tucking the ball when running or evading. It's always best to run with two hands on the ball because this will give you an option to pass. Carrying the ball too high or too low. This is an unstable position because it makes it more difficult for you to pass the ball.   


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