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By Upstart Reporter Ruth Barnard

Where is the Yeti? Is it even called a Yeti? Or perhaps Susan? Inspired by the trailer of the soon to be released ‘Missing Link' comedy adventure film (in cinemas April 18) we have put together ideas to inspire your own Yeti hunt.


 You could pack:

  • Paper map

  • Compass

  • Magnifying glass

  • Notebook and pencils

  • Snacks

  • Torch

  • Weather smart clothes


What to do:

  1. Gather a team of explorers (including an adult if you are travelling further than your back garden). 

  2. Get a map from your local i-centre of the area you want to explore, and together decide on a location where you think yetis might live (use your imagination). Then, using your map, plan your route. 

  3. Pack the necessary provisions, clothes and explorers equipment. 

  4. Use our checklist of things to look for along the way and see how many you can tick off on your hunt for the yeti. 

  5. Early explorers didn't have screens and phones, so leave them behind and try and navigate with physical maps and tools. Make sure an adult has a phone with them in case of emergencies.


Yeti Check List:

How many of these Yeti related things can you tick off on your adventure?

  • Big footprints

  •  Fur or something furry

  • Yeti's Food (plants or animals you think yeti would like to eat)

  • Yeti's Cave (Yeti's are known to dwell in caves so shine your torch inside to see if you can spot him or her)

  • THE YETI?!

Back in the olden days explorers used to like to take their findings back home with them and display them in museums. This often led to problems later! The best thing to do is to try and record your findings in your notebook, take pictures and write descriptions. That way you don't need to take your findings home and they can be found by other explorers later.


TOP TIP 1: Take only photographs (or drawings), and leave only footprints!

TOP TIP 2: Some people in your team may enjoy different roles; while some may love navigation, others may enjoy searching for clues in nature, secretly creating clues or dishing out rations. Make sure everyone is involved to make your yeti hunt a fun one!





Did you find the yeti? Let us know who was in your explorer's team and what happened on your adventure...


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