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By Ruth Barnard

Forky is the lovable new character featuring in Toy Story 4. He comes into the world when little Bonnie makes him from a spork and a few other items. Read on to learn how to make your own Forky inspired toy and give them a story...


Sustainability and Beyond!

The internet has started to fill up with people making their own version of Forky and they start by buying a bag of plastic sporks (spoon forks). Before you even think of doing the same remember that buying more new plastic equals further plastic pollution. Often plastic cutlery is made of polystyrene which isn't recyclable. As you already know, this is bad for our environment. I'm sure Bonnie would not approve.

INSTEAD look for things you have around your home that you can recycle into a toy. Bonus points if you can deconstruct and recycle your toy if you don't want it anymore.

WE used something many kiwis will have in their draws at home... a kiwi fruit knife spoon. We thought this was the perfect item to help us make Forky's kiwi cousin. Look below to see how we made ours and get creative with your own toy making...


What we used:

• Kiwifruit spoon

• Paper

• Vivid marker

• Wire

• String

• Hot glue gun

• Paint ( pink and white)

• Wooden popsicle sticks or matchsticks

• Uhu or white-tac (optional )




What we did:

1. Look at a picture of Forky for inspiration. Make the eyes with paper and a pen and stick them on

2. Hot glue a short piece of string into a loop shape and hot glue the ends down to each other to make a lemon shaped mouth

3. Glue on the mouth and draw on the eye brows with a vivid





4. Wrap wire around the middle and make loops at the end which you can shape to look like fingers

5. Create the feet by cutting up popsicles sticks or matchsticks that are glued together

6. Stick the feet down with a big blob of hot glue or Uhu

7. Paint the dried glue white to finish the effect and paint on pink cheeks




Your Toy's Story

To create a story for your toy you could try one or both of these activities:

Back Story

Write down the name of your toy, where they came from, why they are here now, what matters most to them, their strengths and weaknesses.

Hint: You could consider how it would feel to be a toy made of recycled objects and try and work that into your descriptions.

Photo Story

Tell a short story about your toy through a series of photos. They could be trying to escape your house, going on a mission to find another recycled toy friend or on another kind of adventure. Brainstorm a few ideas before starting and then take your toy to your film set and get started.



Happy Creating!

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