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Buy your own calendar of police puppy pics

Do you want to see cute doggy pics like this hanging on your wall every day? Then check out the first ever NZ Police Dog Trust Calendar!

It's about to go to print and is raising money for the New Zealand Police Dog Trust.

The 2017 calendar features professional photos of police dogs and puppies taken by police photographers and includes a pull-out A3 poster of the overall winning photo.

The calendars are full colour, large format with lots of space for writing birthdays and reminders. If you buy a calendar, not only will you be able to stare at the gorgeous and totally huggable critters every day, you'll also be supporting a good cause! 

If you want to find out more about the Police Dog Trust and the calendar then read on...


What is the Police Dog Trust?

The Police Dog Trust works to support the NZ Police dog section.

The Trust was set up in 2005 with funds donated by the late Shirley Ellwood, who had worked for Rotorua Police. Shirley's inspiration for this trust came from her love and respect of dogs and the NZ police dog section.

Funds from the calendar will go towards:

The NZ Police dog section trains dogs for patrol and search and rescue. They also train detector dogs to find drugs, money and explosives.

To find out more visit the Police Dog trust website.

Making the Calendar

  • Senior Sergeant Brian Yanko got  the idea for a NZ police dog calendar after seeing similar calendars created by Canadian and Australian police.
  •  After discussion and teamwork the very first NZ police dog calendar started to come together.
  • To make sure they had the most stunning and professional photos possible they put together a photography competition for the talented Police Forensic Photographers.
  • Two hundred and forty two images were entered by 18 forensic photographers from all over New Zealand! Out of them the judges chose the very best 13 photos, one for every month including January 2018.
  • The Calendar was put together ready for printing.

Who are the ‘Forensic Police' Photographers?

There are about 50 NZ Police forensic photographers in the country. They are police officers who are trained to take photos and film for police investigations as well as analyse footage and images. Their job means they have to view a lot of crime and accident scenes. That can be pretty grim work!

They told Upstart that they had lots of fun taking photos of police dogs in between their normal work. Much more fun!

How do I get a Calendar?

The news on the dog gossip chain is that pre orders are being taken now. If you want one (or a few for Christmas presents) then get in quick because they have limited prints this year.

The calendars are $19, and are available to purchase online at www.munrocanteen.co.nz. Or you can buy copies from the Police Museum or the Munro Canteen at the NZ Police College in Wellington.

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