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By Ruth Barnard

This quick craft is the perfect gift for Mother's day.

They can pop it in their draws or bag and enjoy the relaxing scent of lavender and chamomile.


What you need:

• Cotton wool

• Muslin cloth or other material

• Essential oil (we used lavender)

• Dried flowers or herbs (we used chamomile from a tea bag)

• Twine or string

• A fresh flower for decoration (optional)

• Scissors







What to do:

Time taken: 10 minutes

1. Drip a few drops of essential oil onto a few cotton balls

2. Wrap them up in a square of material with your dried flowers or herbs

3. Tie your bundle VERY tightly with string (maybe get an adult to help)

4. Trim the excess material from the top

5. Pop a fresh flower behind the string



How to dry Flowers and Herbs:

• Pick your lavender or herbs

• Tie your bunch at the bottom

• Hang them up in a dry and warm space and leave them there for a few weeks

Home dried flowers would be a great addition to any scent bundle. Flowers prepared for drying could be part of your gift. Let your Mum know that when they are dry they can easily be added to any pre made scent bundle.



There are 39 different species of lavender some are just ornamental and others can be used in cooking

• Lavender is commonly planted in gardens, used in cooking in teas and baking, potpourri and has essential oils extracted from it for aromatherapy purposes and more

• Many Grandma's adore lavender but it is loved by everyone for its soothing and relaxing properties




  Chamomile is used in aromatherapy, tea, cooking cosmetics and more

• It is a daisy-like flowering plant from the Asteraceae family of plants (which also includes sunflowers, Echinacea and marigold)

• It is known for it's relaxing properties

• Mrs Rabbit gave Peter Rabbit Chamomile tea at bedtime


You could also make some simple homemade chocolates for Mother's Day here...

Happy Creating!

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