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How to make an Eggshell Succulent Garden

An eggshell succulent garden not only looks impressive but is really fun and easy to make. It's a creative way to recycle old egg cartons and eggshells too.

What are succulents?

Succulents come in many unusual and exciting shapes and sizes. They are sometimes called ‘fat plants' because they store water in their leaves or stem making them look thick and strong.

If you find it hard to remember to water plants then succulents are perfect! They don't need much attention, just a little spray of water whenever you remember. And even better; this little garden is kept indoors so you will see it all the time and know if it needs a drink.


How do I get started?

We've put together a list of things you need and a step-by-step guide so that you can make your own ‘eggshell succulent garden.' We hope you have fun collecting succulents, cracking eggs, finding scenery, and planting and admiring your masterpiece.

How to make an eggshell succulent garden

Before you start, make sure you have permission from an adult so that they can help you get the required items and even join in the fun. You can get succulents from garden centres, but if you know any friends or family that have them in their garden you could politely ask for some small cuttings. You can even do a ‘plant swap' to make it a fair trade.

You will need:

For the scenery:

  • Blu-tack
  • Scissors
  • Old magazines (old travel magazines would be great).

Prepare the egg shell pots.

We save our egg shells throughout the week, but you can crack the tops off all of the eggs at once. Just remember to save the fresh eggs in a bowl and make an omelette or something yummy later (with the help of an adult, of course!).

  1. Crack off the tops of the eggs with the back edge of a blunt dinner knife or spoon.
  2. Once the eggs are cracked and empty, make sure they are clean. We used an old toothbrush to make sure there wasn't any egg left inside, but a good rinse will help.

Select the scenery

While your eggshells dry off you can select the backdrop for your garden.

  1. Find photos in old magazines for a background to your garden.
  2. Cut the image to fit the inside of the lid of the egg carton.
  3. Stick the picture down with blu-tack so that you can change the background scene whenever you want.

Plant the succulents.

Eggsellent, now it's time for planting!

  1. Put down paper so you don't have to worry about making a mess, or do this activity in the garden.
  2. Put on your gloves!
  3. Using a spoon fill the egg shells with soil. With the end of the spoon make a hole about half way into the soil for the succulent stem to fit into.
  4. Pop the succulent stem in the hole and pat down the soil around it.
  5. Place all filled eggs into the egg carton.

Handy Tip:
if the soil is too dry and the plants are falling to the side, water the soil a little so it's lightly moist and pat it down to hold the plant securely in place.


Look after your garden

  1. Display your eggshell succulent garden on a window or bench top. Somewhere sunny is best.
  2. Use a spray bottle to give your garden water when it's thirsty.
  3. When you want to plant your succulents outside you can crack the eggshells and plant them in the ground outside. Remember to keep them in a nice sunny space.

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