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If there's an awesome video game, toy or book you really want, a great way to get
it is to save money. But how can kids make money??




Here's a list of jobs you could try out in your neighbourhood or with friends and family!  Be sure to ask your parents' or caregiver's permission first.

  1. Dogwashing
  2. Busking
  3. Comic book rental library
  4. Running errands
  5. Making jewellery
  6. Toy rental library
  7. Collecting lost golf balls
  8. Washing cars
  9. Removing garbage
  10. Face painting at kids' parties
  11. Cleaning swimming pools
  12. Baking for busy working families
  13. Computer lessons (and facebook tutorials) for older folk (grandparents, friends of grandparents, mums and dads) who may not have many computer skills
  14. Knitting dog sweaters and selling them to small dog owners
  15. Dog walking

Want to start a successful service business? Think of something that you know not many people enjoy doing!

Like picking up dog poop! You could offer this service to your neighbours on a daily basis!

All you need is a face mask (or just breathe through your nose!), a plastic bag, a long pair of tongs, and some gloves. Your neighbours would probably gladly pay 20 cents to 50 cents per dog doo-doo or maybe $5 per week just to have you come over and scoop their poop at the same time each day! Then, if you end up with three to four customers per day…that's pretty quick and easy dosh!

Organise to get rid of the poo poo bag in their own outdoor trash bin so you don't have to worry about disposing of it.


Try iy out

Make your own business cards


Starting up your own business? Having a business card to hand out to prospective customers is a great idea!

Whatever it is you're offering – lawn mowing or walnut selling – advertising your services is a great move! It's a great way to advertise your services and it lets everybody know you're serious about making money!

You can do this really simply:

  1. Get some thick coloured card (you can buy it cheap at Warehouse Stationery). Or recycle using old birthday cards.
  2. Cut the coloured card into a shape that will fit nicely into someone's purse or wallet. This will encourage them to keep it handy.
  3. Either use a computer to digitally create your cards (print out on a sheet so you can cut them up later) or hand decorate your cards with good old pens, pencils, felts, crayons etc.
  4. What to include? Your NAME (of course), business name (if you have one), and most importantly your CONTACT DETAILS (phone number, email address if necessary).
  5. Now you've created your business cards, be sure to hand them out to everyone you know – friends, family, neighbours.
    (Play it safe: DON'T hand your business cards out to strangers, unless you have permission from your parents or a trusted adult.)


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