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Starting up your own business? Having a business card to hand out to prospective customers is a great idea!

Whatever it is you're offering – lawn mowing like JAYDEN or walnut selling like JORDYN – advertising your services is a great move! It lets everybody know you're serious about making money!

You can do this really simply:


Get some thick coloured card. Or recycle using old birthday cards.


Cut the coloured card into a shape that will fit nicely into someone's purse or wallet. This will encourage them to keep it handy.


Either use a computer to digitally create your cards (print out on a sheet so you can cut them up later) or hand decorate your cards with good old pens, pencils, felts, crayons etc.


What to include? Your NAME (of course), business name (if you have one), and most importantly your CONTACT DETAILS (phone number, email address if necessary).


Now you've created your business cards, be sure to hand them out to everyone you know – friends, family, neighbours.


DON'T hand your business cards out to strangers unless you have permission from your parents or a trusted adult.


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