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Illustrations by our ACE cartoonist Grant Brown


Over the holidays, you probably heard lots of talk about 'New Year's resolutions'.

A resolution is a commitment or 'promise' that a person makes to himself or herself to achieve one or more personal goals, projects or habits.

The thing about a New Year's resolution that sets it apart from other resolutions is that it is supposed to mark the start of the New Year or 'new beginnings'.

Basically, a 'resolution' is a 'goal' – something that you aim to achieve.

You don't have to set a resolution or goal only at the beginning of the year. You can set a new goal at any time!


Made your own New Year's resolutions yet?

If not try one of these...

1. I'll donate to charity.

2. I'll try to get along better with others.

3. I'll eat three new foods.

4. I will exercise more frequently and eat less fast

5. I will stop biting my nails

6. I'll be friendly to other kids who need friends – like
    someone who is shy, or is new to my school.


7. I'll volunteer to help others, like helping out in my community or joining a community group that helps

8. I will complete all my homework - on time!

9. I will complete all my chores - without complaining!

10. I'll save my pocketmoney (or at least part of it).

11. I will visit or phone my grandparents (or other family member) more often.

12. I'll be kinder to my siblings.

13. I will try out a new sport and join a team.

14. I will attempt to beat my last year's cross-country placing.

15. I will play a board game with my family once a month.


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