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By Ruth Barnard

With a velvety smooth filling, lemony zest and the sweetness of honey this healthy no bake cheesecake is sunshine in a glass. I've concocted a recipe that can give you and the ones you love a taste of zesty happiness this Valentine's day.


Prepare a clean workspace and make sure you have a mixing bowl and spoon. To crush the cornflakes and nuts you will need a clean tea towel and rolling pin. If you want to easily crush the nuts you may need either a pestle & mortar or a food processor. Get out your favourite little individual desert cups, bowls or glasses and let's get started!

Cheesecake Base Ingredients:



Make the Base. 

1. Crush the cornflakes by wrapping them in a tea towel and squashing them with your hands or using a rolling pin.

2. Crush the cashews until they look more or less like biscuit crumbs. You can use the same technique as with the cornflakes or use a pestle and mortar or food processor.



3. Combine all ingredients (including honey, peanut butter and lemon juice) and mix them together with your hands. This gets very sticky.

4. Press your base mixture into the bottom of your glasses with a spoon. We made a small cup shape base by pressing the base down and then up the edges of the glass.

5. Place in the fridge while you prepare the filling.


Make the Filling:

1. Mix together the cream cheese and Greek yoghurt.

2. Add in the honey, vanilla and lemon juice.

3. Taste. Add in more of what you like, but make sure this base stays zesty and fresh to compliment the sweet nutty base.


4. Spoon the filling into the glasses and place in the fridge for five minutes - or until you are ready to eat.

5. Before serving, top your sunshine cheesecake with some grated lemon peel, runny honey and a slice of lemon.




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