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By Ruth Barnard

This moreish monster dip recipe is super easy and makes a great base for fun monster snacks. Raw avocado, garlic, spinach and onion morph into a grrreat dip with just a squeeze of lemon and pinch of pink salt.

What you need:

What to do: 



Salty Tip:
We used a tsp of pink salt but we have found since that we prefer just a pinch, it's all about what you like and how you want to enjoy it. Start with a pinch and try a taste test.

Serving Suggestion:
You can enjoy this dip in sandwiches, burgers, pittas or in a bowl ready for dipping monstrous snacks into.

Monster Snacktivity

  • Green monster skin - Homemade Monster Dip

  • Monster hair - Alfalfa

  • Monster face - Pitta bread

  • Monster eyes - Sliced black pitted o

  • Monster tongue - Ham

  • Monster insides - Your favourite pitta bread filling



We would love to see the dip you whipped up and all the Monsters that you made, upload your creations here...

Happy Making!

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