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By Ruth Barnard

With dried fruit, nuts and chocolate you can create edible creepy crawlies inspired
by the bugs and grubs that Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa love to eat. Turn up Disney's Lion King soundtrack, rustle up a few delicious bugs and pack up your
snacks to take on your adventure through New Zealand's jungle.


What to do: 

1. Put on Disney's The Lion King soundtrack

2. Arrange the fruit and nuts and other decorations in order of colour and think about what kind of grubs they could be. Which nuts or fruit could you use that already look like bugs?

3. Get an adult to help you melt to the chocolate and spoon it into the bottom of a freezer or sandwich bag. Twist the bag and snip a tiny piece of the tip for the chocolate piping nozzle.

4. Use the chocolate to stick on the silver eyes and to draw on wings, legs and other patterns. You can also stick the bits of food together with chocolate.

5. Timon serves up some of his grubs on a big leaf so let's do the same. While you're chocolate sets paint leaf shapes onto paper – we used food colouring so that it isn't a harmful ink to be near food. Cut out the big leaf shapes and use your leaves to wrap up your bugs.


Giant Apricot Grub

You need:

Cut whole dried apricots in half and pierce onto a tooth pick or shortened kebab stick. Add a piece of dried papaya to the end for the head. Use the melted chocolate to stick on the silver cachous for eyes and draw on the legs and feelers with chocolate.


Pretzel -Wing Jungle Fly

You need:

Using your home made piping bag cover the top of a slice of dried banana with chocolate and place the wings on top on an angle and add the silver cachous eyes.


Chocolate Headed Cockroach

You need:

Dried dates already look a lot like big cockroaches, but they are sticky and very sweet a bit like toffee. Find one that looks the most bug-like and then cover one end in chocolate and stick on the silver eyes.


Timon and Pumbaa Adventure Check List:
Take your treats with you on your own adventure and see if you can tick off each thing on the list below...

1. A view from up high

2. Real life creepy crawlies (don't eat them!)

3. Water (a river, waterhole or stream that you could imagine Timone, Pumba and Simba swimming in)

4. A big log or fallen tree that you could imagine Timone and Pumba dancing along

5. The perfect place for you to sing Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata!

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