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By Ruth Barnard


Here you will learn how to make biscuit dough and turn it into a big plate of
crunchy Gingernuts.

Prep time: 10-20 minutes
Oven time: 15 minutes per batch
Makes approx: 15 medium sized biscuits


What to do: 

You will need an adults help and supervision and must keep your hands and workspace clean.

1. Preheat the oven to 180c

2. In a large bowl mix together all of the dry ingredients




3. Using your fingers rub the coconut oil into the dry mixture until it looks like very fine breadcrumbs

4. With an adult's help gently heat the syrup in a pan until it's runny. Pour the warm syrup into the mixture and stir with a wooden spoon. Continue to stir until the syrup has spread evenly through the whole mixture.

5. Use your hands to squash the bread crumbs together and roll it into a big ball of dough (don't give up just keep working it into a ball, it will get there).


6. Roll the ball into a fat sausage shape, slice it into even parts and roll each part into a ball. We made 16 balls.

7. To sugar coat your Gingernuts roll each ball in a bowl of sugar

8. Place the balls onto a baking sheet or greased tray and squash them flat with a fork

9. Bake in small batches for 15 minutes. Make sure you give each biscuit space on the tray to spread out while baking.

10. When cooled store your biscuits in an airtight container and enjoy!


Inspiration Station

We love this recipe as it is but you could experiment with it by:

  • Changing the amount of ginger or mixed spices (warning too much ginger tastes bad)

  • Swapping the syrup for honey

  • Making the biscuits bigger or smaller

  • Creating a topping (dark chocolate would be yummy)

Let us know how your baking went...

Happy Baking!

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