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Edible Easter Nest

By Ruth Barnard


It's time to make edible bird's nests out of bagels. What a tasty tweet!

For TWO SERVINGS you will need:

  • One Bagel

  • One Carrot

  • One cup Alfalfa or Broccoli sprouts

  • Hummus or cream cheese

  • A few thick slices of cucumber

  • One cup of spinach or mesclun leaves (optional)

  • Other bagel fillings (optional)


  • Julienne peeler *

  • Carrot peeler

  • Spreading knife

  • Chopping board

*Julienne Peeler: You can get these peelers at most supermarkets. They allow you to peel vegetables into long stringy strips. But you can also just use a normal peeler to create flat ribbons.


What to do:

1. Chop a fresh bagel in half and toast if desired

2. Spread your hummus or cream cheese thickly onto the bagels

3. Use a peeler to take the skin off your carrot then shred the carrot into juliennes or strips (and put the peel in the compost)



4. Arrange the carrot juliennes and cress on the bagel like a nest

5. Chop your cucumber slices into egg shapes then place them in the nests

6. Enjoy your nests outside if it's sunny and keep an eye out for your beautiful native garden birds!


Serving suggestion:

Serve your nests on a bed of leaves and decorate them with other snacks, fillings or even edible herbs and flowers.

Let us know what creation you came up with! 


Did you know:

There are many different styles of bird nests and the style of nest relates to the species of bird. Some nests are made from grass, leaves, mud, lichen, fur or from paper, plastic, and yarn. Some birds have their nests on the ground, in trees, burrows, on the sides of cliffs and in and on man-made buildings or structures.

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