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By Ruth Barnard

You can make a whole zoo out of bread with this basic bread recipe that is quick and easy. We made one large hedgehog and a few hoglets.


  • 2¼ tsp dry active yeast

  • 2 cups warm water

  • 2 tbsp sugar

  • 2 tsp Salt

  • ¼ cup vegetable oil

  • 5 cups standard flour mixed with 2 tsp salt

  • Extra flour to have on hand for dusting

  • Small bowl of water to “glue" bread pieces together

  • Non-stick spray or baking paper



  • Big bowl for mixing

  • Sieve

  • Wooden spoon

  • Whisk

  • Teaspoon

  • Tablespoon

  • One cup (to measure)

  • Oven tray and cooling rack

1. Activate the Yeast

Tip the yeast into a bowl and add the water then sugar and whisk together. Let this sit for about 10 minutes, you should see it has begun to bubble and froth. This is the yeast activating.


2. Make the Dough

Mix in the oil and then gradually add the flour and salt by sieving it into the bowl. Use a whisk to ensure there are no lumps then as it thickens use a wooden spoon to continue to mix in the flour.


3. Knead the Dough

When your dough has come together and is squishy pick it up from the bowl and drop it onto a flat clean floured surface. If the dough is too sticky sieve more flour over it.

The aim of kneading bread is to get lots of air into the bread. Use the palm of both of your hands to squash the bread down and push away from you then fold the bread back up towards you trapping the air inside. Repeat this process turning the bread to keep it roughly circular. Do this for about 10 minutes.


3. Make the Animal

Find a photo of the animal you want to make so you can learn how it really looks as you create.

To make our hedgehog we created a basic hedgehog shape and used a spoon to score the surface like prickles. Then we rolled a small ball of dough for the nose and used cloves for the eyes.

When you have made your animal leave it to rest for 20 minutes in a warm area.


After it is rested you can glaze the bread with butter or milk. Glazing with butter will give a golden tint to the bread and milk will give it a shine.


Use water to stick on any dough pieces together and add flour as needed.

5. Bake

Bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes. If you make small ones like we did they will only take 10-20 minutes.

6. Eat

Serve up your creation while hot with bread, butter and jam or enjoy alongside soup.



Use this recipe again and make a different animal, we tried making a turtle.

Practice makes perfect!

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