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By Ruth Barnard


Pandas, rabbits, bulls and more... What animal can you make with a banana,
a popsicle stick and a few yummy treats?

What you need:

  • Dark chocolate (or chocolate of your choice for melting)

  • Bananas

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Other snacks like banana chips, nuts, dried fruit–see below for specific ingredients for the cow, panda and rabbit


What to do:

1. Chop a banana into three pieces and insert a popsicle stick into each piece

2. Decide which animals you want to make and get together the treats you need for your creations

3. Create your animal by sticking your treats onto the banana with melted chocolate

4. Lay your animal creations on baking paper

5. Eat them when the chocolate is set or put them in the freezer to make banana chocolate animal popsicles




Have fun and experiment with your own creations. They may not always turn out like the animal you thought (look at our failed hedgehog!). But they will make you laugh and will taste delicious.


Make a Bull

Snap a banana chip in half for horns and use a whole one for the nose, stick on raisins for ears, pieces of white marshmallow for the eye balls. Use a freezer bag or piping bag to add on chocolate pupils, nostrils and spots.


Make a Panda

Make a Panda Use raisins for the ears and arms, pieces of white marshmallow for the white eye balls. Use the freezer bag or piping bag to create the chocolate black eye patches and black body patch.


Make a Rabbit

Use small pieces of the white marshmallows for eye balls and one whole one for the bunny's tail. With your piping or freezer bag add pupils to the eyes and pipe out two chocolate ears onto a baking sheet. Wait until the ears are hard before attaching them to the head.


Yummy Idea:

If you have any leftover chocolate that needs using you can make some fun banana bites. Just cover slices of banana with chocolate and decorate them with your favourite treats.


Happy Creating!

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