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By Ruth Barnard

It's time to invent a superhero and make your own mask.

What superpowers will you have?


What you need:

• Coloured sheets of felt

• Scissors

• Ribbon or elastic

• Hot glue gun

• Hole punch

• Pens and pencils

• Paper

• Sticky tape

• A desire to be super





Create a Superhero:

Here are a few questions you can answer to help you to get started:

What is your superhero's name?

Perhaps your name could end with the word Boy, Girl, Man or Woman, like Batman and Wonder Woman OR it could be inspired by ancient Gods like Thor.

• What superpowers do they have?

• Who are their enemies and/or allies?

• What do they look like?

Try drawing your superhero in their superhero costume or create a list or brainstorm of their key features.

• What symbols do they have on their costume?

For example Batman has bat symbol and Wonder Woman has ‘W.'

There are also some fun apps or websites like this one that help you to design a superhero. We used the DC Kids website to make Professor Sage.

What to do:

1. Draw a stencil by folding an A4 sheet of paper in half then in half again.

2. Draw only one half of your mask using the centre crease as a starting point. Keep sketching until you have the shape you want.

3. Fold your paper, cut along the pencil lines and then open it up to reveal your mask stencil. Try it on to make sure it will be a good fit and make any alterations needed.

4. When you have a stencil you are happy with, stick it onto the felt with tape and then pencil the eye holes onto the felt using the stencil.



5. Cut out your mask and then stick on decorations and felt shapes with a hot glue gun.

6. Punch holes in each side of the mask and thread elastic or ribbon through the holes and tie them off.

7. Put on your mask and be a superhero!


Optional Cape and Cuffs

Cut out extra felt shapes and symbols and then stick them to homemade cuffs or a cape. Capes can be easily made from an adult's old t-shirt, an old sheet or other recycled clothes such a skirts.

“You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.”

-Antiope to Diana, Wonder Woman movie

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