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Bring your Play-Doh creations to life with Play-Doh Touch…

For anyone who thought Play-Doh was just for “little kids”, think again!

The Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio is here… and, by golly is it cool.

To play, you'll need to download the Play-Doh Touch app (available in the iTunes and Google Play Store)
to your compatible smart device.

Now, you can create any creature you like, using the standard Play-Doh compound, place it on the Shape to Life Studio, and scan your creation into the Play-Doh Touch world. Once digitised, you can use your creature to explore an online world where you create the backdrop, actions and characters!

We were super impressed with how even our most detailed creations scanned seamlessly into the Play-Doh Touch universe. They even moved in ways you would expect – with legs and arms waving about!

Our top tips for using the Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio:

1. Make sure you have good light. 

If there are lots of shadows on your creature, this can create some strange creature colours.

2. Check your device is compatible. 

We found that our iPad 3 was too old for the software to work properly. But, it worked perfectly on our Android device.

3. Use white Play-Doh only for eyes and other important details. 

We tried making a white sheep and found that it wouldn't scan into the Play-Doh Touch app. However, when we made a blue sheep with a white eye the app picked up that that eye should blink and look around!


4. Use the action stamps for extra fun.

While anyone with Play-Doh and a white surface can use the Play-Doh Touch app, it's only the Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio that includes the action stamps. These allow you to give your characters the ability to fly, dance and multiply.

5. Use the character stamps to unlock extra worlds. 

Each character stamp (a dinosaur, ghost, snail, sheep and octopus) unlocks a different Play-Doh Touch app world.

There's no mission to the Play-Doh Touch game, but seeing your creations come to life (and decorating each world) is enough to keep most kids… and adults busy!


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What you get in the pack:



The Play-Doh Touch to Life Studio comes with everything you need to get creating straight away…

  • 7 different Play-Doh compound colours
  • 15 Play-Doh cutter shapes
  • 10 character and action stamps
  • a roller
  • a knife
  • scissors
  • and an “eyes stamp”

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