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BoomTrix is a whole new kind of marble track system that challenges your creativity and sense of physics.

Set up your launch tower, then place trampolines and obstacles along the action-packed route to get your ball bouncing all the way to the finish.

Were your trampolines in the right place, or did the ball fly off course? Reset and try again until you nail it!


The BoomTrix Showdown Set includes:

  • 1x ramp tower

  • 10x trampolines 

  • 1x stunt ring

  • 1x booster tower 

  • 12x balls 

  • and a ‘fireworks' goal.



Be in to win 1 of 10
BoomTrix Showdown Sets...

To enter to win your very own BoomTrix Showdown Set (RRP $69.99), tell us about a time you completed a mind blowing trick. Whether it was bottle flipping, sinking a sick basketball shot or catching a piece of popcorn in your mouth (that was hurled from across the room)... we want to know what makes you think that you're ready to take on the BoomTrix Showdown set!

This competition has now closed

Legal stuff…

1. Entry is open to children aged 13 years and under living in New Zealand, with parental consent, only.

2. Winners' names will be posted in the Winners section of the Upstart website within seven days of the closing date.

3. Prizes are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash

4. BoomTrix Showdown Set is suitable for ages 8+

5. Judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

6. Winners should allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of their prize.

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