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Angry Birds

Upstart's Teacher Link resources are back and we're celebrating with a chance for your class to win something HUGE… and angry!

With every issue of Upstart Magazine, we will be emailing (to registered teachers) links to accompanying NZ curriculum aligned teacher resources.

The goal of Teacher Link is to help identify the learning opportunities in topics, events and products that kids are already actively interested in. Whether it's the science found in a favourite toy, the history of an upcoming event or the cool careers behind a movie or book, we'll be choosing at least one hot item, event or topic, per issue, to help engage kiwi kids in their learning.

The Apr/May issue of Teacher Link shares the educational opportunities that the new Angry Birds movie (in cinemas May 12th) offers with a class challenge that's perfect as an engaging and entertaining end of term activity.

What's more, to celebrate the return of Teacher Link, Upstart and Sony Pictures (NZ) are giving NZ classrooms who participate in the Angry Birds class challenge the chance to…

WIN movie tickets for your entire class PLUS

a school visit from the Angry Birds!

That's right! One lucky class will receive a special visit from Red and Bomb. You'll get to hang out with them, play games, get free stuff, and earn spot prizes. Not only that… the winning class will also receive FREE in-season movie passes for the entire class (max 30)!

How to enter your class

Download the Angry Birds Challenge Workbook


What is Angry Birds?


Angry Birds is a video game franchise created by Finnish computer game developer, Rovio Entertainment. The first app was launched way.The premise of the game is this: evil green pigs have stolen all of the birds' eggs and barricaded themselves in wonky fortresses. This has understandably made the birds very, very angry. The goal of the game is to catapult the only weapon the birds have – themselves – at the pig's structures in order to knock them over and rescue the eggs. As each level is completed the structures get move complex and new birds are introduced with different abilities and weaknesses.

The great thing about this game is that inconspicuously educational - teaching wonderful lessons about real life mechanics such as physics!

This combination of great game-play and education made Angry Birds is one of the largest mobile app successes of all time. So much so that it has since been adapted from it's humble mobile app beginnings to work on PCs and other gaming consoles. It's also become a cartoon series, a varied merchandise line… and, now a movie!



Download the Angry Birds Challenge Workbook  and use the instructions to get your class to construct their own real life Angry Birds ‘level' (like in the Angry Birds computer game). Make up your own or copy one from the game itself… you choose.

You can either break your class up into small groups (at least 3 people) and enter their levels separately, or involve your entire class in one epically fun build!

Use any materials you like (toilet rolls, blocks, giant cardboard boxes, etc.) – the only stipulation is that your creation must include pigs, Angry Birds and a slingshot! Why? Because we want to see you play your real life level!

THEN snap at least four photographs of your level and send them in!

  1. A photograph of your class/group surrounding your level
  2. A photograph of the level only
  3. A close-up photograph of an aspect of your level you'd like us to pay special attention to.
  4. A photograph of your group launching your Angry Birds at the green pig on your level!

We're also happy for you to send us some video and words about your level. Get your class to answer questions like:

  1. How did you decide on the design of your level?
  2. What did you enjoy most about creating it?
  3. What type of art or building supplies did you use?
  4. What was something surprising you discovered while building your level?

… just anything you think will help the judges decide that your classes entry is the best!


Entries close 18th May 2016


submit your entry


View competition rules


Downloadable Teacher Recources

These resources are designed for Levels 1-4 of the New Zealand Curriculum and are cross-curricula: covering numeracy, literacy, health, mathematics and science learning.

The Angry Birds Challenge workbooks

Break your class into two groups. Challenge one group to build the ultimate pigs' fortress (out of materials such as cardboard boxes, etc.).  Challenge the other group to build their own Angry Birds (instructions here) and catapult to launch the birds at the pig's structure.

This printable workbook provides your students with complete instructions on how to build their own pigs, birds and catapult. It also prompts each child to record scientific and mathematical observations, as they do.

The Angry Birds Challenge workbook (black and white) 

The Angry Birds Challenge workbook (colour)

  Note: Workbooks print A4, double sided (choose to print short edge bind – top/left in your printer settings) and fold to A5 size.


Don't be an Angry Bird workbooks

This workbook helps students to explore their emotions – what makes us angry, how this is expressed (both in a constructive and unconstructive way) and how to manage our anger.

Don't be an Angry Bird workbook (black and white)

Don't be an Angry Bird workbook (colour)

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